Yamano Beauty College set to be emergency shelter in case of a natural disaster

Event, School2019.05.20

We are very happy to announce that Yamano Beauty College will be a shelter for those in need should a natural disaster


Here I am with Mr. Hasebe, Mayor of Shibuya Ward.



Planting roses at Yamano College of Aesthetics

Beauty, School2019.05.13

ピンクのバラ デコメ絵文字Beautiful roses have been planted!ピンクのバラ デコメ絵文字

The Young Americans CEO


Mr. Steven Haines – CEO of The Young Americans visited Yamano Beauty College.

Ai Support and Bido Lecture

Kimono, School, 未分類2019.04.23

Miyamoto san, Director of Tottori Prefecture Welfare and Health Preservation came all the way to Yamano to speak aboutハート デコメ絵文字Ai Support.ハート デコメ絵文字

Heart デコメ絵文字Bido and SMILE lectureHeart デコメ絵文字

Beginning of the new school term


Heart デコメ絵文字2nd year students came back to start their new school term. Ready and energized! Heart デコメ絵文字

Yamano Beauty College Nyuugakushiki

School, 未分類2019.04.08

キラキラ デコメ絵文字We welcomed the 71st class on Friday as they begin their 2 year journey.キラキラ デコメ絵文字

Aijian – special guests

Kimono, School, 未分類2019.03.22

Marc Norman CEO of USA Climbing visits Aijian.

Yamano College of Aesthetics graduation

Event, Kimono, School2019.03.18

69th Class Yamano Beauty College Graduation Ceremony

Event, Kimono, School2019.03.12

Heart デコメ絵文字Congratulations to all the new Yamano graduates!!Heart デコメ絵文字

Young Americans Spring 2019 Kimono Day

Beauty, Kimono, School2019.02.25


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