Bido Lecture in Ofunato

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I was asked to do my Bido and SMILE lecture at the 25th anniversary celebration of the Tenjin-kai Social Welfare Association in Ofunato, Japan.

Jane Ofunato Show 2018 001 Jane Ofunato Show 2018 003

I demonstrated that being in a wheelchair is no challenge to be dressed in a formal kimono.

Jane Ofunato Show 2018 001 Jane Ofunato Show 2018 002

Doesn’t Ms. Tabata look beautiful?ハート デコメ絵文字

Jane Ofunato Show 2018 006

Heart デコメ絵文字Thank you to all who came!Heart デコメ絵文字

Featured in the newspaper

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Screen Shot 2018-05-21 at 9.39.42 PM


Kyoto continued


ハート デコメ絵文字Not only did we get to see Mr. and Mrs. Harita, we also got to spend time with the Young Americans – Advance Team Cast as well!ハート デコメ絵文字

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Hello Fukuoka!

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This past weekend, I traveled to Fukuoka with my daughter for the Nishi-Nihon YamanoRyu Shinenkai.きらきらハート の画像

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My wonderful assistant helping me with my obi demonstration “Sea of Waves”.


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On our way to Aomori!

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A Yamano tradition

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A very special tradition we have is to go to the Lido show in Paris wearing kimonos!着物 デコメ絵文字着物 デコメ絵文字着物 デコメ絵文字S__72704006 S__72704007 S__72704009 S__72704010 S__72704011 S__72704012 S__72704013 S__72704016 S__72704014

An amazing day at Make Up Forever!

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Being able to work hands on with all the different types of make up is priceless!

S__72663072 S__72663073 S__72663075

Receiving demonstrations from the masters!

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Traveling through Europe

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S__72646664 S__72646676 S__72646678

Merry Christmas!!!

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Enjoying seeing the holiday spirit during this trip!S__72646666

A beautiful Christmas Tree made of treats!!!Heart デコメ絵文字



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Looks like Wishes and Dreamy are already here!

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Breakfast with our students.