Snowy went to visit her doctor the other day.Heart デコメ絵文字

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She even drove herself! DOCOMOウィンク デコメ絵文字

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Find snowy! :)


Open Campus


Open Campus at The Yamano College of Aesthetics. Heart デコメ絵文字

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School, Weblog2016.07.21

Meeting with faculty at the Yamano College of Aesthetics

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全婚コンテスト 視察

Bridal, Event2016.07.20

錦糸町 東武ホテルレバント東京で開催された全婚コンテストの視察に行きました。
ブライダル部門(ドレス)は学生達にも興味深い分野ですからいずれIBFでもスタートさせたい、と思っていますHeart デコメ絵文字

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PREPPY Magazine


美容雑誌PREPPY に載せていただきました!
8月号です 是非ご覧くださーい!

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山野美容専門学校 校長ミーティング



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Open Campus

School, Weblog2016.07.11

Jane Sensei OC 07102016

先日行われたオープンキャンパスのYouTubeです。 ぜひ見て下さい。#山野美容

Here is the YouTube from this weekends Open Campus at#YamanoBeautyCollege.


Family, Weblog2016.07.04

Kimura san_blog

Despite a very heavy heart, today I would like to share a little history about our beloved grandmother – Mom

Mom was born on November 1, 1919 in Venice, California, living her early years, met Papa when working at a flower shop, and was married. She had our mother Diane before being forced to the Manzanar interment camp during the war. After which she moved back with her family to Los Angeles, where they moved to 1919 19th street and then to their home at 1909 Stoner Ave. That Stoner home became her permanent home where she lived there with Papa, and continued to up until Sunday, June 19th, 2016.

Mom was fortunate to live an extremely eventful and happy life over her more than 96 years – where she got married; raised 2 daughters; and then later was able to enjoy so many years together with her beautiful grandchildren and great grandchildren
She lived her life full of love, laughter and caring for her family and will be remembered for her strength; her endearing smile and for always being able to keep everyone on their toes, even up to her last days.

I also have this special recent memory of Mom as I watched her putting her own makeup on Saturday, the morning before she passed. It reminded me of how strong and proud of a woman she was for which I will always hold her in a special place in my heart. She meant so much to me; helped us move to Japan and continued to visit till we were out of high school, guided me through my life; and was always there for me over the years.

Mom – I will always love you with all my heart and can’t imagine living without you. But please rest in peace ‘at home’ with Papa and although I know you will always be worried about us -Please don’t worry as we will be fine; and from your many words of wisdom rest assured that M will still continue to remind me, as you always did, – ‘Don’t talk to strangers!’.

I love you Mom!!!