Change The World With Hair Color Contest

Beauty, Event2019.04.18

カラフルキラキラ デコメ絵文字Went to the Maihama Amphitheater to see the Change The World With Hair Color Contestカラフルキラキラ デコメ絵文字

It was wonderful to see everyone!

The Young Americans Summer Advance Team Cast


Heart デコメ絵文字I was asked to do the toast for the Summer Advance team social mixer at Yamano Hall.Heart デコメ絵文字

Young Americans – Spring Japan cast – final show at Yamano Hall


Yamano College of Aesthetics graduation

Event, Kimono, School2019.03.18

69th Class Yamano Beauty College Graduation Ceremony

Event, Kimono, School2019.03.12

Heart デコメ絵文字Congratulations to all the new Yamano graduates!!Heart デコメ絵文字

Katura Yumi Show – ONE LOVE STORY

Beauty, Bridal, Event, Kimono2019.02.28

Osaka YamanoRyu Assembly

Event, Kimono, Travel2019.02.27


Beauty, Event, Kimono, Media, School2019.02.12

キラキラ デコメ絵文字Dentatsushiki was held over the weekend celebrating over 500 new Kimono Senseis!!!キラキラ デコメ絵文字

Yamano Students at the National Diet Building

Event, Kimono, School2019.02.11

Setsubun at Zojo-Ji

Event, School2019.02.04