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キラキラ デコメ絵文字Dentatsushiki was held over the weekend celebrating over 500 new Kimono Senseis!!!キラキラ デコメ絵文字

Yamano Students at the National Diet Building

Event, Kimono, School2019.02.11

Setsubun at Zojo-Ji

Event, School2019.02.04

New Years party season!


New Year Party for BA Tokyo!

Young Americans Spring Cast arrives in Japan



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ヤングアメリカンズの皆さん、ようこそ日本へ💓💓👏🏼👏🏼 . #youngamericans #ヤングアメリカンズ

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Party at Otani Hotel

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Jane’s Collection 2019

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Planning meeting for IBF 2018

Event, School2018.10.02

キラキラ デコメ絵文字All the parts are coming together for IBF 2018!!!キラキラ デコメ絵文字

Bido Lecture in Ofunato

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I was asked to do my Bido and SMILE lecture at the 25th anniversary celebration of the Tenjin-kai Social Welfare Association in Ofunato, Japan.

Jane Ofunato Show 2018 001 Jane Ofunato Show 2018 003

I demonstrated that being in a wheelchair is no challenge to be dressed in a formal kimono.

Jane Ofunato Show 2018 001 Jane Ofunato Show 2018 002

Doesn’t Ms. Tabata look beautiful?ハート デコメ絵文字

Jane Ofunato Show 2018 006

Heart デコメ絵文字Thank you to all who came!Heart デコメ絵文字

Asian Beauty Expo 2018 Day 2!

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お祝い デコメ絵文字So wonderful to attend Asian Beauty Expo Day 2!!!お祝い デコメ絵文字