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Met this extraordinary gentlemen at Special Beauty Japan this year. Please have a listen to his beautiful music!


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For a long time, people with special needs haven’t gotten to enjoy the same luxuries as those whom the world considers “normal.” 🔹 Lots of people overlook them or just look the other way, and some of their parents even try to hide them from the world as if they are ashamed. 🔸 My friends at @specialbeautyjapan created a platform for kids with #specialneeds to SHINE and showcase how BEAUTIFUL they are inside and out. 🔹 I was just blessed to perform at #specialbeautyjapan #2019 in #Tokyo and the experience was priceless. 🔸 I also got to be a guest judge for @missuniversejapan through a special collaboration. 🔹 Thank you @ramichan3 for asking me to write the song that would become the anthem. Your heart is HUGE and I’m honored to uplift your cause. 🔸 Thank you @hancockjason0702 for your outstanding service to these special youths. You’re empowering them (and their families) in ways they’ll carry for life! 🔹 Thank you @bachimcc (Oz) for being the plug to any and everything ✊🏼😎 🔸 And thank you to my family (Dove & Zion) for joining me on this journey. 🔹 I’m not even close to being finished with thank you’s but I’ll rest my fingers for now 💯

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